Yoga Mat

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LifeSky Yoga Mat Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat Made with Natural Rubber

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IDEAL SIZE: 72 x 24 inches and ¼ inch thick our mat is perfect for you. Soft enough for knees and elbows while dense enough for excellent support and stability.
NON-SLIP Both surfaces offer great grip – on the floor – and for you. The wavy side grips any floor. The texture on top makes holding your poses easy and comfortable.
NO SMELL The modern TPE material has no odors to deal with when new or after it has been put away. TPE is eco-friendly and recyclable, non-toxic, and free of PVC, phlalates, silicone, latex, and rubber. Easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth or wash with mild soap and water.
STRONG AND DURABLE The tough material won’t tear or shred or stretch over time. TPE is closed cell to keep out sweat, dirt, and germs.


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